Preventive Services


Easily the most important service offered is that of the routine dental cleaning and exam. Those who maintain a regular schedule of cleanings typically have less dental work needed than those who visit the dentist infrequently.


Cleanings are important not only to reduce the risk of cavities but to prevent gum disease as well, which has been linked to other diseases as well, such as diabetes and risk of heart attack and stroke.  At each cleaning, Dr. Davis will first do an oral cancer screening, then check for any changes or areas of concern in the teeth and gums.


Fluoride treatments are offered for children to help reduce the risk of cavities, as well as sealants for permanent molars that are deemed likely to get cavities.


Our hygienists helpfully instruct with proper brushing and flossing technique and we have helped make wonderful changes for many patients.


Custom-made athletic mouthguards for children and adults are provided free of charge for patients in the practice.